Announcements…    for Sunday, February 12, 2017

If you’re new, fairly new, or are visiting today,  we’d like to welcome you  and thank you for joining us!  If you’d like someone to contact you,  or if you’d like us to keep you up to date on events,  please ask for an information card and fill it out.

Russ Miller  February 26
10AM - If the Foundations Be Destroyed
Russ Miller shares about our Christian heritage from the very foundation of our nation and how our Christian heritage is being systematically erased today.  Russ shows how the fact of Biblical creation is foundational to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the freedoms we enjoy in our country today.   At Betty Kiefer Elementary.

2PM - A Pinch of Leaven Can Spoil Your Faith & Q&A
Built around the book of Matthew, Russ  refutes  Darwinism  and ‘millions of years’ beliefs to reveal that we can, and must, put our faith in the Word of our Creator and Savior – word for word, and cover to cover.   At Betty Kiefer Elementary.

American Heritage Girls
This wonderful scouting program for girls helps them understand their value to the Lord, what it means to be a Godly woman and beautiful in His sight.  There are some wonderful ministry opportunities for ladies that need to be filled immediately.  Please pray about the needs in this ministry (and get involved if you believe that the Lord would have you do so).  Contact Deb Bried for more information (509) 393-9392.

Marriage Renew & Recharge 
Whether your marriage is going great or going through a tough time, we hope you’ll join us  this  Wednesday  evening,  as Calvary Rathdrum hosts the second week of a four week marriage seminar. We will meet each Wednesday evening at 7pm at our McCartney building - to invest in our marriages, to encourage our spouses and to grow as followers of Christ and lovers of our spouses.  We’ll look at fixing what’s broken and on building on what we’ve got.  We hope that you’ll join us - and invite others to join us, for this fun, low stress opportunity to make our marriages all they were meant to be.  Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Giving Statements
Calvary Rathdrum provides year-end giving statements for those who desire them. They are be available for you to pick up  this morning  Louella has them in the lobby.

Opportunities to Serve in Children’s Ministry
If Calvary Rathdrum is your church home, please pray about the current needs in our Children’s Ministry.  We currently need assistants and teachers,  as well as once a month help in the Nursery and the Preschool.   Don't miss out on the blessing it is to work with our kids.  Contact Mark Cartier or Ellie Stephan for more information.

Loving Each Other
Coming to church for the first time, or just coming to a new church for the first time can be intimidating.  Please help our visitors feel welcome by greeting them, and by making it easier for them both to park their car and find a place to sit.  If you are able, park farther out and leave spaces up close for visitors and others who need a closer spot.  When you choose your seat, please move to the middle so those who come after you can easily get to a seat.  If you need to be on the end, please find a row where people have already taken the middle and sit in that row.  If you know you will need to exit during the time of worship or teaching, please choose a seat toward the back of the sanctuary.  Let’s think more of others than of self.

Set up and take down flags and signs at intersections
Set up and / or put away pipe and drape
Set up and / or put away chairs
Straighten / even out curtains after they are set up
Vacuum after church
Clean bathrooms after church
Trailer Load Director
Service Coordinator

Children’s Ministry
Teachers - for all ages
Helpers - for all ages


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