Announcements…    for Sunday, December 10, 2017

If you’re new, fairly new, or are visiting today,  we’d like to welcome you  and thank you for joining us!  If you’d like someone to contact you,  or if you’d like us to keep you up to date on events,  please ask for an information card and fill it out.

Ladies Christmas Celebration
Ladies,  join us December 15  for our Ladies Christmas Celebration at 6:30 pm at our McCartney building.  We will have delicious food, enjoy singing Christmas carols, and be encouraged with a special message. This is a fun event for you and also an outreach to your friends and family. There will be a table in the lobby after service, stop by to get more information or to buy your tickets!  Tickets are $5  but, the ticket(s) for your unsaved guest(s) are free.  Plan now who you will invite!
Due to limited space  you must be at least 16 years old to attend.

Foster Family Christmas!
This Christmas we have the opportunity to provide Christmas for five local foster families!  This week you can pick up a tag listing a much needed item for one of 5 different families - then return the wrapped and tagged item the following week. There will be a table in the lobby. For more information, contact Stacey Curson.

Christmas Eve Services    10am  and  5:30pm
Sing some of your favorite Christmas carols, hear the Christmas story and be reminded of why it matters - make your Christmas about Christ!  We hope that you will join us as we host two very different services on Christmas Eve at Betty Kiefer Elementary school.  Both services will be focused on our Savior.  Plan who you will invite this year (then remember to actually ask them to join you)!  

American Heritage Girls
This is a Christ centered scouting program for girls that we are very exited to have starting back up soon!  Contact us for information.

Children’s Ministry
Our goal is to teach the Bible to children in a way that they will receive and respond to it, by teachers that love and care for them. We currently have four classrooms, ranging from Nursery age to 6th Grade. If you would like more information about our Sunday School, or Serving Opportunities please contact Ellie Stephan.

Loving Each Other
Coming to church for the first time, or just coming to a new church for the first time can be intimidating.  Please help our visitors feel welcome by greeting them, and by making it easier for them both to park their car and find a place to sit.  If you are able, park farther out and leave spaces up close for visitors and others who need a closer spot.  When you choose your seat, please move to the middle so those who come after you can easily get to a seat.  If you need to be on the end, please find a row where people have already taken the middle and sit in that row.  If you know you will need to exit during the time of worship or teaching, please choose a seat toward the back of the sanctuary.  Let’s think more of others than of self.

Messages On-Line
This morning’s message is available on the web as a Podcast  or a MP3 download:

Women’s Bible Study
Ladies, join us for Bible study and fellowship each Thursday morning at 9:30!  This year we will study through Colossians. 
Childcare is available.  Contact Luann Kirkham for more information!

Junior and Senior High Youth Group
If you are in Junior or Senior High, join us on Thursday nights at 7pm for fun, fellowship, an engaging time in worship and a challenging time in God’s Word! 

Set up and / or put away pipe and drape
Set up and / or put away chairs
Straighten / even out curtains after they are set up
Vacuum after church
Clean bathrooms after church
Trailer Load Director
Service Coordinator

Children’s Ministry
Teachers - for all ages
Helpers - for all ages


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