Announcements…   for Sunday  October 19,  2014

Upcoming Events
October 20, 7PM   -   Can You Believe the Bible? Seminar
October 26, 3-5PM   -   Orphan Sunday @ Kroc Center, CDA
November 10 & 17, 7PM   -  
Israel Seminar
November 15, 9AM   -   God’s Man…  with Wes Bentley!
November 21-23   -   Family Life Weekend to Remember

If you’re new, fairly new, or are visiting today,  we’d like to welcome you  and thank you for joining us!
If you’d like someone to contact you,  or if you’d like us to keep you up to date on events,  please ask for an information card and fill it out. 

Opportunities to Serve
We currently have openings at both services for those who want the opportunity to invest their time and effort in our kids.
Teachers and helpers serve every other week. If you would like to get into the action, call or e-mail Bridget Havlik.

Can You Trust the Bible?
Travis Young will teach a class demonstrating the unshakable reliability of the Bible. Join us Monday night, October 20,  from 7-8:30PM.   Don’t miss this!

God’s Man in the Enemy’s Territory
Men, be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, November 15 - as we welcome Wes Bentley (Far Reaching Ministries)
for an encouraging & challenging “men only” event!

Children’s Ministry Workers Appreciation Breakfast
Are you blessed by those who teach and care for our kids? On Sunday, November 9, you can help us encourage and thank them -
by serving them a special breakfast!  Contact Bridget for more information!

Passover 2016
We are in the first stages of planning for our annual “Christ in the Passover” dinner.
If you’d like to be part of the team (planning and preparing) contact the church office!

Marriage Conference - November 21-23
Family Life’s “Week-end to Remember” conference is a time to relax, to spend time as a couple,  and to invest in and strengthen your marriage -
no matter how strong or fragile it is.  You’ll hear Biblical messages that will fortify your marriage and will move you toward more fully enjoying each other.
Visit  or   call 800-358-6329   …and remember to register with the  “CalvaryRathdrum”  group!

Men’s Bible Study
Men, join us Tuesday evenings at the church as together we study God’s Word!
Learn, be challenged and get to know some of the guys - Tuesdays 7-8:45 PM.

Distractions, Cell Phones and Worshipping Together
Though distractions are an inevitable part of corporate worship, we hope to minimize them when possible. Please keep in mind those worshipping around you
and try to minimize any distractions to their worship. If you know you will need to exit during the time of worship or teaching, please choose a seat toward the
back of the sanctuary.  Please silence or turn off your cell phone. Let’s think more of others than of self.

Financial Information
Monthly Goal: $14,000    /    2014 Total:  $226,454
October Giving to date:  $4,172   /   Building Fund:  $109,005

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