Announcements…   for Sunday  September 14,  2014

Upcoming Events

Monday,  September 22, 29 & October 6   -   Basics of the Faith Class
Sunday,  September 28   -   Financial & Building Update
October 3–5   -   Youth Camp
October 12–19   -   8 Days 4 Life  [ ]
Monday,  October 13 & 20   -   Can You Believe the Bible?
November 21-23   -   Family Life Weekend to Remember

If you’re new, fairly new, or are visiting today,  we’d like to welcome you  and thank you for joining us!  If you’d like someone to contact you,  or if you’d like us to keep you up to date on events,  please ask for an information card and fill it out.  We’d like to meet you,  so please plan to join us for a brief  “NewComers Gathering”  (today, after either service)  where, in fifteen minutes you can learn more about our church,  meet the leadership,  ask questions  -  and receive a delicious present!.

Basics of the Faith Class
Pastor Frank will be teaching a class covering some of the core doctrines of our faith on Monday night, September 22,  29  and October 6,  from 7-8:30PM.
Mark your calendar!

Women’s Bible Study:  “Holy Living in Unholy Times”
Ladies, join us for Bible study each Tuesday morning, beginning September 23 (9:30am) or each Thursday evening beginning September 26th (7pm).  This year we will study through  2 Corinthians,  1 & 2 Thessalonians,  & 1 John.  Childcare is available Tuesday mornings.  For more information contact Luann Kirkham.   Sign up TODAY!

The Great Escape
Our Fall Youth Outreach camp is approaching fast - make sure your Jr. High and High Schoolers don’t miss out on this amazing event October 3-5!  Sign them up TODAY!

Growing Together
We are hoping to expand our Sunday School to the 9AM service to better serve the body.  That means there are now more opportunities to serve (every other week) as a teacher or helper!  If you would like to help, contact
Join us for eight days in October (12-19) as we ask the Lord to abolish abortion!  Each of those 8 days, you’ll take a few minutes to pray, you’ll choose one day to fast, and both Sundays at 1PM we’ll take a brief field trip to pray together.

Can You Believe the Bible?
Travis Young will teach a class demonstrating the unshakable reliability of the Bible. Join us on Monday night, October 13 & 20,  from 7-8:30PM.  Mark your calendar!

Financial Information
Monthly Goal: $13,500    /    2014 Total:  $218,058
September Giving to date:  $9,876   /   Building Fund:  $108,005

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