Announcements…   for Sunday  July 27,  2014

If you’re new (or fairly new) or are visiting today,  we’d like to welcome you  and thank you for joining us!
If you’d like someone to contact you,  or if you’d like us to keep you up to date on events,  please ask for an information card and fill it out. 

Can We Pray For You?
Calvary Rathdrum has a prayer team that wants to lift up your urgent requests or emergency situations.
To ask for prayer,  or to be a part of the prayer team, call or text Pastor Cory at 660-4297,  or e-mail him at

Testimony Time
Is the Lord working in your life?  Would you like to give him praise for what He’s done?  On Sunday August 3rd we will be looking for people
willing to very briefly share a bit of their story with our video camera - especially those who have been impacted by connecting with the Body
through one of our group Bible studies, Youth Group,  one of our mission trips,  or by serving together.  This fall - we will feature some of your stories.

Home Bible Study Leaders Wanted
If you have attended Calvary Rathdrum for over a year,  feel you have the time to invest,  the spiritual maturity to lead,  and sense God’s calling -
talk to Pastor Cory about leading a Home Bible Study Fellowship.

Youth Freak Out
Our Junior High Youth will have a one-night summer camp August 5-6;
and our Senior High Youth will have theirs August 7-8.  If you have a Junior or Senior High student - get them registered today
for two days of fun, adventure and spiritual growth!

A little of this,  a little of that...
If you’d like to occasionally help with various odd jobs and projects around the church, or help with our “moving team” 
or help those in the body who need a hand, let us know ( - and we’ll add you to our list of “servants”!

Find us On-Line
Visit our website (  for details on church events, resources,  as well as current and past messages by Pastor Cory. 
You can also stay in touch with your church family through FaceBook and Twitter (   and   @CalvaryRathdrum)

Distractions, Cell Phones and Worshipping Together
Though distractions are an inevitable part of corporate worship, we hope to minimize them when possible. Please keep in mind those worshipping around you and try to minimize any distractions to their worship. If you know you will need to exit during the time of worship or teaching, please choose a seat toward the back of the sanctuary.  Also, please silence or turn off your cell phone.  Let’s think more of others than of self.

Financial Information
Monthly Goal: $13,000    /    2014 Total:  $185,123
July Giving to date:  $15,003   /   Building Fund:  $80,005

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